Corporate Presentation

PLATIN Rolling and Paper Products is a company founded in 2006 together with the award and economic support in 2006 by the winning partipicant of a contest called "Enterprises for Young People in Anatolia" organized by the Community Volunteers Foundation. Due to his innovative working idea this young engineering student established the company. Receiring its energy from a young, dynamic and positive team, Platin goes forward to be leader in paper sector by providing his customers flexible solutions, sharp targets, fast and solevent based projects.

Platin Rolling and Paper Products and Engineering Ltd.

  • We have the principle of continous improvement and customer satisfaction.
  • We have an open and transparent approach to innovation.
  • We follow the new technologies and methods in the field.
  • As an investor is creating new job opportunities for people in its country.
  • Our firm has the ability t owork in different sociocultural contexts and geographical areas.
  • With teamwork awarness of our professional staff we are a company that is working on time with high quality and efficiency in the domestic and international market.

Our mission

  • Adopting innovative production techniques and presenting the best quality products to our customers.
  • Producing nature friendly products we are helping our customers in their ecological processing products.
  • Being aware of the importance of the deadline and the quality of the products asked by the customers according products.
  • We aim to create added value on the sectors we serve by keeeping employe emotivation at the highest level.

Our vision

  • As a successful entrepreneur we have created a company profile that covers our entire life, not just our business.
  • We are committed to the enthusiasm, endurance, determination, leadership, marketing ability and co-operation which are new and invisible balances of entrepreneurship.
  • Our goal is to combine the spirit of entrepreneurship we have in global markets with our understanding of contemporary quality and to be the only choice of all our customers.
  • PLATİN which entered paper sector with spiral rolling production in 2006, adds a new perspective to its sector with its entrepreneurial and young staff with its first day’s vitality and determination.
  • Our aim is to be the permanent solution and suplier of our customers by reflecting our experience over production and products.
  • We aim to expand our service network with sectoral and industrial research.
  • Synthesizing our production process with our experience we aim to be able to give solutions-focused an swears after sale service.
  • To make our World more livable planet we are supporting the fomation of 100%recycling environmental friendly products and alterantive markets.

Quality Policy

  • We aim to deliver our products to customers at the established deadline.
  • We aim to improve our employees working environment.
  • Giving importance to customer and staff satisfaction we try to improve our corporate policy.
  • We aim to adopt principles of, trust and transparency with our customers, our solution partners, our suppliers and our staff.
  • We are constantly open to all kind of development and innovation.
  • Our mission is to develop all the elements of our corporate infrastructure in the direction of our vision and principals and to bring the satisfaction of our customers and employees to higher level than in previous years.

Human Resources Politics

According to our corporate policy we belive that Human Resources Department has a main role to innovation, stabile success and customer satisfaction. The policy of our Human Resources Department is to work with well equiped people with high motivation and development of work competencies.

In recruitment of new human resources, our basic recruitment policy is to keep professionalism in mind by taking into account the expertise and continues to the principles stated below;

  • The selection of Human Resources Department of our institution is evaluated among the applicants who have high development all level and have the competence to work.
  • Sustaining the awarness that competition is the main basis of our human resources.
  • Establishing appropiate conditions for our employees to adopt the values of our institution.
  • Our target is to be a company prefered to work for.
  • Balancing the expectation of our employees and our institution in accordance with the principles of our institution.
  • Evaluating and encouraging employees achievement and work performance.
  • We aim to use our in-house human resources to meet our needs.
  • We aim to follow the new developments in human resources management and to renew our human resources policy in accordance with the needs of our institution.